Re: Gender Equality

Joe Jackson (
Thu, 16 Oct 1997 20:56:12 -0400

> I need to claify what I said in my forst post. when I said the school
> should actively work against sexism, I did not mean that we should
> indoctrinate students with anything. I merely meant that staff
> could/should be aware of the potential problems and remedy that
> themselves in terms of thier actions towards students. Does this make
> sense?
> --

By "potential problems" are you referring to boys being called on more?
That's a traditional school problem - nobody gets "called on" here! Are
you referring to better grades and more encouragement? We don't have
or do any of that, either.

What exactly do you mean by "actions"? I feel sure that you've researched
the Sudbury model and realize that it is improper for a staff member in the
model to "encourage" anything, so if by the word "actions" you mean
more than honestly & respectfully representing themselves in the school
microcommunity, then I would say the model's not for you.

Good luck!!

-Joe Jackson