Re: Highland

Coby Smolens (
Wed, 15 Oct 1997 21:59:32 -0700

Hi, Coby from Marin Sudbury School here. We spent quite some time
looking through the Ca Education Code for charter goodies, hoping for a
way to work out a Sudbury/Charter hybrid -- there are several large
obstacles, among which is the one you mention: A private school can
convert to charter, but NOT vice-versa. Also: your charter must be
adopted by your local school board and/or County board depending on the
amount of support you have locally, and your charter is revocable and up
for renewal every five years. You can get this info direct from the
horses -- mouth... by looking up California Codes through infoseek or
other search enngine.

Good luck, let's be in touch!

Coby Smolens, MSS
415 488 1411