Re: Gender Equality

Dale R. Reed (
Wed, 15 Oct 1997 19:09:59 -0700

Sheri Ponzi wrote:
> I am really impressed with the Sudbury model, but am also a strong
> feminist and would prefer to find a place that actively works against
> these forces.

Never forget that boys mature at a slower rate(a year? behind) than
girls up to about twenty? years old. So boys in the same age sorted
classrooms with girls are under extreme pressures to keep up with the
more mature girls. Not only does this build strong resentments in many
boys against girls but the teachers in most grade school classrooms are
women. This womanized authority forces boys day after day to keep
quite, stand quietly in lines, do the assigned work, stop daydreaming,
be nice to the damned smarty pants girls...

All adding to the boys resentment until too many men do awful things to
too many women. And awful things to themselves and to the women that
love them.

Fortunately there are no pressures as I have described on the boys at
Sudbury model schools. Dale

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