Wed, 15 Oct 1997 07:03:39 -0700

>The Highland School (304) 869-3250 does have boarding. I am not sure what
>current tuition is. Highland is similar in most philosophic matters to SVS,
>but was created before we learned about its existence. Therefore it would be
>more correct to say that Highland and SVS share a model, though Highland is
>not a "Sudbury school", per se.

Is this the Highland Community School in Milwaukee? And was it an existing
private school that converted to a charter school? Some of us here at
Mariposa School (Ukiah, CA) are exploring both the Sudbury model and the
idea of converting to charter, although our initial reading of the CA law
restricts private schools from converting (we need to check into this
further). We are trying to find examples of private to charter conversions,
so if it is possible here we'll have some models to look at.

Any information would be very helpful and appreciated. Thanks.

Larry Sheehy
Mariposa School