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Sheri Ponzi (mishemo@waonline.com)
Mon, 06 Oct 1997 19:01:40 -0400

Hi I'm new here and wanted to introduce myself. MY name is Sheri Ponzi.
I live in Southeast NY with my husband Mike and my 3 y.o. son Morgan.
I stumbled across the Sudbury schools while researching options for
Morgan's future. We were (are?0 all set to avoid the schools
altogether, but he seems to think we can find a school where the
teachers will let you learn whatever you want--voila, SVS. So, I am
excited to run into this model. I have been reading lots and am
impressed with the philosophy. If Morgan does attend a school it will
most likely be a Sudbury inspired one. Mike and I have begun toying
eith the idea of starting one around here.

I do have a concern that I can't let go of. I worry about the gender
equity in the schools. As I read the book Free At Last I couldn't help
but notice that the majority of students talked about were male. Does
this reflect a bias on the pasrt of the author? I wonder about
children's ability to move past the gender stereotypes in our culture.
Have any studies been done about gender equality in the SV schools?

Well, enough for now. Glad to be here.




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