Re: Come seed Pennsylvania

Robin Martin (roses9@IDT.NET)
Mon, 06 Oct 1997 16:56:28 -0500

At 05:44 PM 10/3/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Kirsten wrote:
>>Run Robin! Run away from Iowa---run as far as you can get, but don't
>>stop in Pennsylvannia ... you will be regulated into oblivion.


I was amused by your long anti-Iowa comments, but I'm still going to give
Iowa a try, for no reason other that my heart still resides here, and I'm
not prepared to leave it again any time soon. But, in a few years, if I
hit too many dead ends, and I can convince my loved one to move with me,
I'd certainly consider skipping across the great Mississippi to join your
efforts in Illinois. Perhaps next summer if I get a chance, I will see
about visiting you--to learn more about what you're all about & how you

>No, no! If you support the Sudbury model, move directly to Pennsylvania; do
>not pass Go; do not collect $200. We have a Monopoly on the Sudbury model
>in Pennsylvania, but we'd rather have lots of competition. Start your
>school here, or join us.
>In Harrisburg, with lots of Free Parking and far from oblivion,


You give me hope. If education in Pennsylvania can be democratized, why
not a piece in Iowa as well!

Best regards,