Re: Come seed Pennsylvania
Fri, 3 Oct 1997 20:35:31 -0700


A good resource book that describes the many different aspects of
alternative education (holistic, free, progressive, democratic, etc.) is
The Parents' Guide to Alternative Education, published by Shambhala Press,
1997. They have a web site for more information. If you have teenagers,
check out the book The Teenage Liberation Handbook, Lowry Press. This and
other good books (especially on Holistic education) are available from the
Great Ideas in Education web site. Hope this helps.

Larry Sheehy
Mariposa School

>I was wondering if anyone knows if there is an alternative school (with high
>school level) in Florida.
>What is the difference between alternative, free, democratic, etc. schools?
> What is a folk school?
>Susie Mahon
>Naples, FL