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Fri, 03 Oct 1997 12:34:47 -0700

Kirsten Sutherland wrote:
> Run Robin! Run away from Iowa---run as far as you can get, but don't

I noticed recently that the State of Alaska has just liberalized their
homeschooling laws.
"The Teaching Home," September/October 1997, page 25

ALASKA New Law--Best in Nation

On June 4, Alaska Governor Tony Knowles signed into law a bill which
gives home schoolers unprecedented freedom.
Unanimously passed by both the state senate and house, the law creates
an exemption to compulsory school attendance "if a child is being
educated in the child's home by a parent or legal guardian."
There are no teaching qualifications for parents, no regulation at any
level of government, no notice to anyone of the parent' decision to
conduct home education, no registration with the state, no reporting to
anyone of any information about the home-education program, no testing
of the children, no require subjects, and no evaluation of the program
by anyone.
And Andy Smallman can give you advice on how to run an alternative
school under a state's(Washington State in Andy's case)homeschooling
laws. Dale

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