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Thanks for your response. I think some months ago I may have checked out your developing web pages. It's curious that you consciously chose not to use the Sudbury-model; is yours more like a Waldorf school, would you say, or something completely different? (Have just started reading a little here & there about Waldorf schools.) I think, for certain, will need to get a group of "founders" together before we decide for certain which direction to go; a Sudbury-type seems most appealing to me, but I can see the value of others as well, as I admire building ideas/activities around specific social/environmental issues.

Are the people on your staff certified teachers? That's one thing that concerns me; though I've worked with kids in diffferent environments and I'm quite sure that a teaching certificate would NOT teach me anything about founding an alternative school, am still concerned as I begin talking to people in my community that I have never been a teacher, nor do I even have certification. All I have is a theoretical background (a masters in Ed Psych, and some coursework toward PhD in instructional technology and adult education). "What right then do I have to judge the school system, if I've never been involved in it?" is an underlying issue that I fear may surface from people in the community.

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>Hi Robin...


>I love your enthusiasm. I don't really have any suggestions for

>sounds like you have this thing pretty much well thought out! I just wanted

>to let you know that a group of us parents at Mariposa School (K-8) have

>also decided to establish a democratic high school with our children so

>when they graduate from here they will have a safe and democratic

>alternative to the local public high school. Mariposa is a wonderful and

>safe alternative school (here in Northern CA) which stresses social

>responsibility, environmental/watershed awareness, cooperation, conflict

>resolution, etc., but it is not a sudbury-type school. I have discussed the

>possibility of eventual conversion with some of the teachers and some other

>parents, but I am not hopeful at present for various reasons. I do plan on

>doing some organizing for that possibility, but I want to mainly focus my

>energies on a new high school. My 11 year old daughter April Rose wants to

>activly participate in the forming of her new school. I personally am

>inspired by the Sudbury model naturally, but also by The Community School

>in South Tamworth, NH (for their focus on sustainability issues and

>economic development) and the ideas in The Teenage Liberation Handbook.


>We are interested in your plans and hope you will keep us informed of your

>progress. We will also do the same. I'm sure we can learn a lot from your

>efforts. We will be starting out by having a monthly study circle/group to

>discuss the ideas and principles (to educate ourselves and hopefully bring

>more people in).



>Sunshine & Rainbows to you also...from Northern California...


>Larry Sheehy

>Mariposa School, Ukiah, CA






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