Re: ready to venture toward something new...
Thu, 2 Oct 1997 20:43:34 -0700

Hi Robin...

I love your enthusiasm. I don't really have any suggestions for
sounds like you have this thing pretty much well thought out! I just wanted
to let you know that a group of us parents at Mariposa School (K-8) have
also decided to establish a democratic high school with our children so
when they graduate from here they will have a safe and democratic
alternative to the local public high school. Mariposa is a wonderful and
safe alternative school (here in Northern CA) which stresses social
responsibility, environmental/watershed awareness, cooperation, conflict
resolution, etc., but it is not a sudbury-type school. I have discussed the
possibility of eventual conversion with some of the teachers and some other
parents, but I am not hopeful at present for various reasons. I do plan on
doing some organizing for that possibility, but I want to mainly focus my
energies on a new high school. My 11 year old daughter April Rose wants to
activly participate in the forming of her new school. I personally am
inspired by the Sudbury model naturally, but also by The Community School
in South Tamworth, NH (for their focus on sustainability issues and
economic development) and the ideas in The Teenage Liberation Handbook.

We are interested in your plans and hope you will keep us informed of your
progress. We will also do the same. I'm sure we can learn a lot from your
efforts. We will be starting out by having a monthly study circle/group to
discuss the ideas and principles (to educate ourselves and hopefully bring
more people in).

Sunshine & Rainbows to you also...from Northern California...

Larry Sheehy
Mariposa School, Ukiah, CA