Re: ready to venture toward something new...

Mark Stafford & Angela Sevin (
Thu, 02 Oct 1997 03:57:13 -0700

A suggestion for Robin: Since you have university connections, you might
want to check with folks in the Experiential Education field, such
as Jasper Hunt Phd, at Mankato State in Minnesota. I am currently
getting my masters through their program, and found a lot of
commonalities with my collegues in the program. I'm receiving credit for
my work in helping to start and staff a democratic school here in
California- Diablo Valley school. Isn't Jerry Mintz in Iowa? (He's on
the discussion list). Also there is an unschool in Minneapolis, I

That student loan DOES come in handy for projects like this. We are not
getting paid yet here at DVS, AND I loaned the school some of my student
loan as well. We started in January of this year with 3 students, and we
now have 7 students (not all are full-time payers, though). One family
who started the founding group four years ago is still integrally
involved, but most everyone who started with them have gone by the

Good Luck!

Angela Sevin
Diablo Valley School