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Bryan & Sadie Lovely (
Thu, 18 Sep 97 02:14:14 -0700

Dale R. Reed (9/11/97 6:43 AM) wrote:

>Sadie Lovely, who lives just south of me in Tacoma Washington has
>gracefully offered to maintain our Alternative Education Book List.

Hello, everyone! This is the first time I've written in to the list, so
I'm pretty excited.
I've worked a little bit on the book list, but still have far to go. I
have decided not to send it
through the mailing list because it is about 20 pages long. No joke.
Please send any requests
for the list and/or the titles of more books you'd like to see on it to
me at:

The business Dale mentioned in his posting is coming along well, although
I am only
in the planning stages. I am a certificated teacher in Washington State
who is frustrated
with the system. I have thought a lot about the way children are treated
in my school district
(poorly), about how things are prioritized (poorly), and about the
options available (or*not*) to families who need
an alternative. I thought about one-parent families, and those who depend
on a second income
to survive.

The idea I have is two-fold. One, I will act as a homeschool consultant
to families wishing to
educate at home. If they would like the service, I will provide help with
forms, goal-setting,
portfolio building, quarterly "assessment" (for college-bound students,
or those who may need
to return to formal schooling), and help with correspondence/college
searches and applications.

In the meantime, I will act as personal "educational facilitator" (the
teacher who does not "teach")
at "Real Life Academy" ( a school which is not a "school") for 5-7
students whose parents are unable
to do so themselves, due to other commitments (i.e. jobs).

For a certain amount per month, I will provide all the above services,
facilitate discussion groups,
and coordinate and accompany students on trips to museums, libraries,
parks, nature experiences, etc.
RLA is not religiously affiliated, which makes it a good alternative to
private schools.

I know that this is a little more structured than some kids might have at
home, but it also has the added
bonus of a good social aspect, and the benefit of working with me, an
adult who really likes and cares
for people in this age group. I'd like to expose these young people
to the idea of community service
and other confidence building stuff, too. I also consider this "school"
of mine a stepping stone to
complete auto-diadactism.I will be working with students ages 11-15.
After age 15, I feel, young
people don't need help to get around town, nor do they need to be
accompanied by an adult in so many places.

As Dale mentioned, I won't get rich doing this, which is why my husband
is looking for a better job!
I'm also looking into other opportunities for part-time work to fill the
gap since i quit my nice,
cushy job with the city. Not working is very relaxing, but the pay sucks!

I have business cards and a brochure which will be ready soon. If you
have any ideas, advice, etc.
let me know. I'm eager to build community with other people. My dream is
to build a network of RLAs,
(utilizing many of the other radical, free-thinking, wonderful
teacher-types out there)
so that as many children as possible can reap the benefits of home

Sadie Lovely