Alternatives & Minorities

Dale R. Reed (
Mon, 15 Sep 1997 07:39:15 -0700

I wonder if any of you out there in Cyberland have any ideas and
experiences about the use of alternative schooling by non-whites. Our
neighborhood is rapidly changing from white to Vietnamese, Chinese,
Black, Filipino, Mexican/Peruvian, Korean and Cambodian. And they all
have children who speak their family's language fluently and very shy
English. They do not have a lot of money but they do value education.
The Chinese family across the street is already paying(and they cannot
afford it) Kumon math classes for their third grader. These are NOT
un-schooling types.

I have read Grace Llewellyn's, "Freedom Challenge." I have visited
Donna Nichols-White and enjoy and appreciate her delightful black
unschooling family.

But the Hispanics, and the Asians I know very little about. I am trying
to understand. For example the Filipino family had a big neighborhood
party last night and I was able to talk to a Chinese couple and a
Hispanic father. But I wonder what all of you know about the Asian and
Hispanic experience with Alternative Education. I have seen very little
in the homeschooling literature. I do not recognize many Asian names in
the Sudbury publications. I know of an Asian teenager at Puget Sound
community School and I know of one Asian homeschooling family(Hansen)
with a homepage.

But just to give you a leg up on where I am coming from. I think,
until some of you tell me otherwise, that these people are already
different enough(in their own minds) and they are going to be a very
difficult sell in our efforts to encourage families to shop around for
richer learning environments for their children. Dale

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