Book List

Dale R. Reed (
Thu, 11 Sep 1997 06:43:54 -0700

Sadie Lovely, who lives just south of me in Tacoma Washington has
gracefully offered to maintain our Alternative Education Book List. I
sent her the list about a month ago and she has been prettying it up
which I knew I would not have time to do until after may School Board
Race and the rainy season starts here in the great northwest.

Sadie will welcome your suggestions for other books and your corrections
to the book list. I will consider myself just another contributor and
user from now on.

It is surprising how many books that these three discussion lists
generated. And I have not seriously looked through my attic for what
other "20 year old books" changed my mind that I have forgotten about.
I suspect many of you are the same way.

Sadie, I hope you will tell the groups about your "career" plans and use
us a source of inspiration and knowledge. And a place to advertise your
new business. I think you have the right idea, maybe a little like what
Jerry Mintz is doing on the East Coast and World Wide but maybe not.
Anyway I think it will be a service that will be welcomed by many people
looking for alternatives. The only question will be is whether it will
pay you enough to keep you doing all the work that will be required to
establish a real business. Dale

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