[ILF] The Prince's Diamond Jubilee

Dean F. Edgell (dedgell@barint.on.ca)
Wed, 27 Aug 1997 12:51:26 -0400

You are cordially invited to...

On October 18, 1997 all Kindred within his domain will celebrate
sixty years of the benevolent rule of our Prince Victor
Reichmann. Festivities will commence at sunset and the Prince
will receive the presentation of his subjects, and their best
wishes, commencing at 11:00pm. Appropriate gifts welcome.

* * *

BLOOD HUNT! -- The Cossack

* * *

The Prince of Night City has ruled his domain for sixty years.
Those who have dared challenge his power have paid the price.
But sixty years is a long time, even amongst the ageless undead.
There are those who whisper that the Prince has fought one battle
too many, that his strength has been exhausted, and that he can
no longer enforce the Traditions.

Now the Kindred of Night City gather at their Prince's command to
Present themselves. The occasion may honour the past, but the
Kindred have come to witness the future.

* * *


My name is Dean Edgell. The Prince's Diamond Jubilee is a LARP which I plan
to run at Intercon 12.5 on October 18, 1997. I hope you will consider
registering for the game.

This game is a World of Darkness/Vampire Masquerade, but one with a
difference. It is not part of any ongoing chronicle. All the characters have
been created for this game. They are designed to present relationships,
goals and situations that will involve all players in the intrigue, conflict
and passions of the game. The game has already been run twice (in Canada and
in Chicago), with success on both occasions. The rules are slightly
simplified, and no previous experience with the Masquerade or the World of
Darkness is required or expected.

I realize that I may be a bit of an unknown to many of you, but would like
to interest you in this game. Feel free to contact me with questions or

If you would like to register, contact Stephanie Olmstead-Dean
<sjo.apa@email.apa.org> and register for Intercon 12.5. There are lots of
other neat games offered at the con as well.

Intercon 12.5 is being held in Edison, New Jersey, 20 minutes away from the
Newark airport.



Intercon 12.5 is A convention of the Interactive Literature Foundation,
October 17-18, 1997. For more information write to Intercon 12.5, P.O Box
196, Merrifield VA, 22116-0196.

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