Re: info on highland school?

Joe Jackson (
Sat, 23 Aug 1997 09:39:55 -0400


The expected opening date for the Fairhaven School, a Sudbury-
model located here in southern Bowie, MD, between Washington, DC
and Annapolis, MD, is approximately one year from now. Romey
Pittman,, can provide you with more details regarding
this school

Your ideals for a living environment sound much like our area; just over
the county line from the school site is Anne Arundel county, where we live.
The majority of central and southern A.A. county is rural; small farms that

have been around for generations, interspersed with the occasional
development. On the other hand, it is a 25 minute drive to downtown DC,
and a 12 minute drive to Annapolis from my house, which puts the "city"
within reach.

Joe Jackson

> molly and i are ready to put down roots somewhere this year; we've been
> bouncing around the country doing this and that valuable thing, but
> like refugees when all's told. i've been working as a
> writer/editor/director of non-profit, and it's a hard row to hoe. i'm
> training myself to work from home as a medical transcriptionist so i can
> make a good living pretty much anywhere, anytime, while maintaining
> flexibility. we want to be able to, say, spend a month each year in
> mexico, and a month at the oregon coast, and so forth. we want to have a
> base camp, a home base where we'll spend most of our time and from which
> do our exploring, and that's where we want the school.
> we need to live in a quiet, clean place. i know the cascade valley
> in portland, and, in fact, molly's dad lives in portland, but i lived
> for 13 years and just cannot do the city thing any more.
> on the other hand, i need a progressive community, access to organic
> so, i'm craving to find a quiet affordable woodsy-type place with a
> wonderful sudbury-model school and a sustaining community.
> i have looked over the list of sudbury-type schools on the sudbury web
> pages, and am most drawn to the highland school in west virginia. (i
> currently live in blacksburg, virginia.) i'm mystified by its apparent
> location in the middle of nowhere...?
> i am most interested in hearing impressions from any of you who have
> experience with or knowledge of the highland school, or other schools you
> think might be appropriate, and i thank you for helping us find where we
> need to be.
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