Re: Book List

Albert Lamb (
Fri, 22 Aug 1997 08:15:04 -0400

Dale, I have been away from my job at the Archive but next week I will lo=
around our collection of books there and see what I can add to your list.=

We have a lot of books about alternative education. I work at the Planned=

Environment Therapy Trust here in Engalnd as a curator in charge of setti=
up their collection of material to do with democratic education. So far w=
mostly have stuff to do with British schools but in the long term we want=

to collect material to do with schools from all over the world. =

What I will include right now is a bibliography of books by A. S. Neill
published in his lifetime. I think the format here is pretty standard. Ev=
though almost all these books are way out of print most of them are not
impossible to find. I thought that there were a few more, actually, but
this is what I have on my list. =


A. S. Neill's

A Dominie's Log, The Hogarth Press, London 1986 (first published: Herbert=

Jenkins, London 1915)

A Dominie Dismissed, in: The Dominie Books of A.S. Neill, Hart Publishing=
York 1975 (first published: Herbert Jenkins, London 1917)

The Booming of Bunkie, Herbert Jenkins, London 1919

Caroty Broon, Herbert Jenkins, London 1921

A Domine in Doubt, in: The Dominie Books of A.S. Neill, Hart Publishing,
New York =

1975 (first published: Herbert Jenkins, London 1921)

A Dominie Abroad, Herbert Jenkins, London 1923

A Dominie's Five or Free School!, Herbert Jenkins, London 1926

The Problem Parent,Herbert Jenkins, London 1932

Die Gr=FCne Wolke, Rowoht, Reinbek 1971 (first published: under the Title=

Last Man
Alive, Herbert Jenkins, London 1936, American edition in the early 70's
published by

Is Scotland Educated?, George Rootledge and Sons, Ltd., London 1936

That Dreadful School, Herbert Jenkins, London 1948 (First published:
Herbert =

Jenkins, London 1937; in German: Selbstverwaltung in der Schule, Pan,
Z=FCrich 1950

The Problem Teacher, Herbert Jenkins, London 1939

Hearts not Heads in the School, Herbert Jenkins, London 1949 (first
published; Herbert Jenkins, London 1945)

The Problem Family, Herbert Jenkins, London 1949

Summerhill. A Radical Approach to Child Rearing, Hart Publishing Company,=

New York 1960 (in the UK: Summerhill, A Radical Approach to Education,
Gollancz, London 1962; in German: Erziehung in Summerhill, Szczeny, M=FCn=
1965; later: Theorie und Praxis der antiautorit=E4ren Erziehung. Das
Beispeiel Summerhill, Rowohlt, Reinbek 1969)

Freedom - Not License!, Hart Publishing Company, New York 1966 (in the
UK,with a very different text: Talking of Summerhill, Gollancz Ltd, Londo=
1967 ); in German:
Das Prinzip Summerhill: Fragen und Antworten, Rowoht, Reinbek 1971)

Neill! Neill! Orangepeel!. A Personal View of Ninety Years, Hart Publishi=
Company, New York 1972 (in the UK: Neill! Neill! Orangepeel!. A Personal
View of Ninety Years, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London 1973)

The New Summerhill, Edited by Albert Lamb, Penguin Books, London 1992 (in=

the US: Summerhill School, A New View of Childhood, St. Martin's Press, N=
York 1992 - paperback: 1995)