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>> In a message dated 97-08-20 15:11:45 EDT, you write:
>> << How should I do type it, "Freedom and Beyond," John Holt, 1972 & 1995. >>
>> I'm not sure. My guess is that one would use the priginal copyright date
>> unless there were revisions done in 1995. (Does anyone else out there have
>> better knowledge of these things?)
>No Alan, that is not what I mean. I(me, Dale myself) have decided that
>I will include all dates, dates are kind of a fetish of mine, but I
>don't care how I include them, ie what form. I could put 1972(reprinted
>1995) and 1972(revised 1995) whichever is true or just 1972,1995 or
>whatever. If no one has any strong preferences I will simply look
>through a few books and decide on my own. But didn't want to start
>editing and someone come back and be really really worked up about the
>way I was doing it. Dale
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Try putting a slash between the two dates:

"Freedom and Beyond," John Holt, 1972/1995


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