info on highland school?

Gayla Groom (
Thu, 21 Aug 1997 00:51:31 -0800


i visited the local "good" public school for about two minutes the other
day, just to see which second grade class my 7-year-old molly has been
assigned to, "nothing" happened, everything went just as you'd expect, and
i was depressed and spitting nails by the time i hurried away.

what a thing to do to a bright, trusting child... i've had experience with
montessori, waldorf, public school, and homeschooling, because those were
the options where i lived, but those experiences were all way less than
right, in concept and practice. now i see that i'm just going to have to
make the commitment to -be- where the right-thinking school is.

i live organically--with flow--as much as possible, and need a school for
molly that does likewise.

molly and i are ready to put down roots somewhere this year; we've been
bouncing around the country doing this and that valuable thing, but living
like refugees when all's told. i've been working as a
writer/editor/director of non-profit, and it's a hard row to hoe. i'm now
training myself to work from home as a medical transcriptionist so i can
make a good living pretty much anywhere, anytime, while maintaining
flexibility. we want to be able to, say, spend a month each year in
mexico, and a month at the oregon coast, and so forth. we want to have a
base camp, a home base where we'll spend most of our time and from which to
do our exploring, and that's where we want the school.

we need to live in a quiet, clean place. i know the cascade valley school
in portland, and, in fact, molly's dad lives in portland, but i lived there
for 13 years and just cannot do the city thing any more.

on the other hand, i need a progressive community, access to organic foods....

so, i'm craving to find a quiet affordable woodsy-type place with a
wonderful sudbury-model school and a sustaining community.

i have looked over the list of sudbury-type schools on the sudbury web
pages, and am most drawn to the highland school in west virginia. (i
currently live in blacksburg, virginia.) i'm mystified by its apparent
location in the middle of nowhere...?

i am most interested in hearing impressions from any of you who have
experience with or knowledge of the highland school, or other schools you
think might be appropriate, and i thank you for helping us find where we
need to be. * Gayla Groom * "The trouble with the rat race is that
even if you win, you're still a rat." -- Lily Tomlin