Re: Book List

Albert Lamb (
Mon, 18 Aug 1997 18:25:11 -0400

Hey folks, =

I am just a newbie myself and this may not be appropriate, I certainly
don't want to throw my weight around, but I want to make the case for my=

book on your short list. Summerhill School by A. S. Neill, the new
Summerhill book that I edited several years ago for St. Martin's Press,
deserves to be on any short list of alternative school books. Neill's was=

the first alternative school as far as I am concerned. Other schools befo=
him were plenty radical but Summerhill, born in 1921, is a truly
alternative idea for a school. It has nothing to do with traditional idea=
of what a school is. The kids don't have to go to lessons or learn anythi=
to be successful members of the community and the community itself is
unlike anything that has traditionally been considered a school. He threw=

out the whole idea of schooling and traditional education and anyone who
starts a school that calls itself alternative or democratic owes somethin=
to Neill and ought to check in on the master. He created the role in this=

century of an Alternative Educator as successful gadfly, no one has done =
better or longer and Ivan Illich, Paul Goodman, John Holt and all the
others are in his debt. He is our Grand Old Man and he deserves to be rea=
by anyone interested in making fundamental changes in how people see the
uses of childhood. My book happens to be Neill's best book and it ought t=
be on your list. =

Albert =