Another Newbie....

George Varghese (
Tue, 19 Aug 1997 05:23:47 PDT

I'm a new entrant onto this mailing list. Let me introduce myself.
My name is George Varghese and I'm from India. I had heard about the
Sudbury Valley School back in India from a friend called Ramdas who is
in the field of education. He runs a school back there in one of the
remote and backward areas for rural and tribal children. They too have
tried to experiment with 'alternate education' and get away from the
'conventional school' model. There is a network in India consisting of
about 30 schools which are currently using this method of alternate

I'm here on an assignment in Boston (Cambridge) for a few months.
So he told me to try to visit the school and to get in touch with the
folks there and see for myself how your system works. I'd also like to
try and establish a connection with the network we have back in India.
It would be a great opportunity to be able to share in each other's
experiences and to learn from this process. So it would be a great help
if any of you could tell me about how to go about this. Would it be
possible to visit the school sometime? Any kind of information would be

Also, I have heard about the John Holt foundation and would like
some more information about it. I've heard about the newsletter that
they publish and would like to subscribe to it for my school back in
India. How do I go about it? Who do I need to contact?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all of you in


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