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Dale R. Reed (
Mon, 18 Aug 1997 20:44:29 -0700

Jensen Bumgardner wrote:
> Hi, i just joined this mailing list. I just read about the sudbury
> school in Growing Without Schooling and I would like to know if
> there are any Sudbury or other open type schools in southern calif.
> Im in the LosAngeles area and am VERY interested. Currently we
> are unschooling my 6 and 17 yr olds.
> thanks for any info,
> Janet

I am not doing so well Janet by surfing. All these schools appear to be
either in Northern California or in San Diego. Can't find any in the
L.A. area yet.

But for starters why don't you surf over to to talk to Tina who has the kind of
school you are looking for in the San Diego area. Or at least she did
and her home page is still there. But now I notice that it has not been
updated since December 1996. That maybe bad news. I will keep looking
in cyberspace and see what I can find in Jerry Mintz's Alternative
Education book. Dale

"The Almanac of Educational Choices, Private and Public Learning
Alternatives and Homeschooling," Jerry Mintz, 1995.

Dear Dale:
Thanks for reposting that notice. We will honor anyone on the list who
wants a copy of the Almanac for $15 instead of the usual $20, at
least for a week or so. I'll be going to the John Holt/Growing
Without School 20th Anniversary this wekend to lead two discussion
groups, but people can still call the 800 number to leave an order
(800 769-4171).

Jerry Mintz

$   Seattle, Washington U.S.A.  $