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Mon, 18 Aug 1997 12:39:14 -0700 wrote:
> Me, I would make this list shorter and not give the School Board a laundry
> list of educational materials. I would get concise. But for other purposes,
> an interesting list is developing. I would also add "A New Look at Schools"
> by Daniel Greenberg, Sudbury Valley School Press. And other SVS books, but
> you know what they are, Dale.
> Mimsy

I did make it shorter a lot shorter as you will see below. I just added
A New Look and will add any specific others that any of the rest of you
tell me made a difference in your thinking, or you think would make a
difference in someone else's mind.

But I have already printed up my one page, printed on both sides, flyers
and had room for only a few books. I will include my flyer below for
your information, without the photo of course.

Hope you approve Mimsy. At least a little bit. I am sorry that
Sudbury did not make this short list but it is a long drive to the
nearest Sudbury Valley Model School, The Clearwater School north of
Seattle and we are south, so I thought the other books would be more
meaningful to the families in our neighborhood.

Also below the flyer I have copied my 150 word statement that will be
with my photograph in the Voters Pamphlet.

Hey I am trying folks. Dale


Dale Reed's family has lived in the Highline area for over 30 years. He
retired a couple years ago after 40 years of ElectroMagnetic
Engineering. Dale taught University courses, successfully accomplished
both field and laboratory research, and worked in Design Build Teams
creating military and commercial aerospace systems. He wintered two
years on isolated Scientific/Navy bases in Antarctica, worked in large
government and company bureaucracies and served for many years as a
union leader. Dale thinks that the children who live in the Highline
community could benefit from his 62 years of experiences.

Dale has been working to end the government schools before they use new
high technology tools to more efficiently warp the children's minds.
Dale believes that it will be a glorious day of liberation when School
and State are separated and the responsibility for the children's
education is returned to their parents. Parents can ensure that their
children do not take the first step into the Welfare System by enrolling
them in non-government schools or by homeschooling them. Teenagers
should take responsibility for their own education by finding more
fruitful ways to spend their most productive learning years.

Thomas Jefferson calculated in 1818 that the following six objects of
primary education would require 3 years of schooling to achieve: 1) to
give every citizen the information he needs for the transact business of
his own business; 2) to enable him to calculate for himself, and to
express and preserve his ideas, his contracts and accounts, in writing;
3) improve, by reading, his morals and faculties; 4) to understand his
duties to his neighbors and country and to discharge with competence the
functions confided to him by either; 5) to know his rights; to exercise
with order and justice those he retains; to choose with discretion the
fiduciary of those he delegates; and to notice their conduct with
diligence, with candor, and judgment; and 6) And in general, to observe
with intelligence and faithfulness all the social relations under which
he shall be placed.

In the State of Washington the truancy laws start at age 8 and high
schools are not constitutionally mandated so the taxpayers should be
legally liable for only 7 years of schooling. As a School Board
Director Dale would attempt to lower the costs of the schools by
reducing services to the youngest and oldest students. He does not
think the welfare services such as free & reduced meals and
family-living indoctrination should be furnished by the government
schools. Dale does not think it is in the public's interest to
encourage children and young adults to live at taxpayers' expense.

Politicians and educrats at both the Federal and State Levels are
planning a Goals 2000 testing frenzy that will result in millions of
little children being turned off of their love of learning. The number
of learning disabled, A.D.D. and discouraged students will balloon
beyond all expectations unless parents and their children search out
more desirable learning environments. Dale recommends that the parents
of trapped students keep their children home on test days.

Most students will no longer sit quietly while being force-fed something
that does not interest them. Fortunately the cost of obtaining,
analyzing and presenting knowledge is rapidly decreasing. Hence
students interested in learning can teach themselves from information
readily available in libraries, textbooks, the media, the Internet,
CD-ROMs, Mother Nature and their neighbors and tutors. Our
opportunities are no longer limited by a lack of facts and opinions. In
the future we must be willing to take risks, use our imagination and
ability to reason and be able to tell the difference between truth and

"The Almanac of Educational Choices, Private and Public Learning
Alternatives and Homeschooling," Jerry Mintz, 1995.

"Beyond Discipline, From Compliance to Community," Alfie Kohn,
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Alexandra
Virginia, 1996.

"Separating School and State, How to Liberate America's Families,"
Sheldon Richman, 1994.

'The Myth of the A.D.D. Child, 50 ways to Improve Your Child's Behavior
and Attention Span Without Drugs, Labels, or Coercion," Thomas
Armstrong, Ph.D., 1995.

"School's Out, A Radical New Formula for the Revitalization of America's
Education System," Lewis J. Perelman, 1992.

"Dumbing Us Down, The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling," John
Taylor Gatto, 1992.

"The Teenage Liberation Handbook, how to quit school and get a real life
and education," Grace Llewellyn, 1991.

"Short Route to Chaos, Conscience, Community, and the Re-Constitution of
American Schooling," Stephen Arons, 1997.

"The Connected Family, bridging the digital generation gap," Seymour
Papert, 1996.

"The Art of Education," Linda Dobson, 1997.

"Freedom and Beyond," John Holt, 1995.

"A Sense of Self, Listening to Homeschooled Adolescent Girls," Susannah
Sheffer, 1995.

"Education and Ecstasy," George B. Leonard, 1968.
Dale R. Reed, 12027 10th Ave. So, Seattle, WA, 98168

SchoolboardVP3.doc 149 words
Federal and State politicians are planning a "Goals 2000" testing frenzy
that will result in the crushing of the spirits of millions of
children. The number of learning disabled, A.D.D. and discouraged
students will balloon beyond all expectations unless parents act quickly
to ward off the destruction of their children's natural love of
I am working to end the Public School System before it uses new high
technology tools to more efficiently warp the children's minds.
Fortunately this same technology, when controlled by the individuals
rather than the State, can provide rich learning environments that
encourage self-directed learning and individual responsibility.
I am a very positive, forward thinking, 62 year old former
Electromagnetics Engineer with time to devote to the prudent transition
away from the present forced one-size-fits-all government schools.
If you want a change for the better then vote for Dale Reed.

$   Seattle, Washington U.S.A.  $