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Dale R. Reed (
Mon, 11 Aug 1997 05:52:34 -0700

You on the Sudbury list realize, but the other two lists didn't until
this message from me, that I just received a list of books from Albert
Lamb. I have just added them to the list.

But my question is: Is there a particular format that they should be
in? Author, title... or as I started the list, title, author, date...

I expect some of you writers know which is the "correct" way and are
irritated when you see the list formatted "incorrectly." Tell me how to
do it and I will pick the format that I like(from I assume will be more
than one opinion) and away we go. Eventually I suppose I will have to
figure out how to order the list one way or another but that is low
priority, on my list of priorities, because it is so easy to find an
author or title or whatever by using the Word Find tool. Dale

Thanks for all the suggested books Albert, and the comments. Dale

Albert Lamb wrote:
> Hello Folks,
> I have only been on the list for a couple of weeks and I had thought I'd
> wait a month or two before adding my two cents, or two pence I should say
> as I'm writing this from England, but I can't resist adding some titles to
> the growing book list. Most of these books have American publishers but
> this list just mentions the British ones. Some of these books are already
> on the list but I leave it to someone else to sort them out. Many of them
> are out of print. Some of them have different titles in the USA, for
> instance the wonderful book Fifty Years of Freedom was called Children's
> Freedom in the States. I hope this book list is more use than trouble to
> people.
> Incidentally, the title for one of the books on your list is wrong. A.S.
> Neill's great bestseller in the 1960's was Summerhill, not Summerhill
> School. Summerhill School is the name of the (far superior) book of Neill's
> writings that I edited in the early 90's. The original Summerhill was
> compiled by Neill's publisher, Harold Hart, and Neill was never happy with
> it. I like to think he would have preferred mine.
> Nice to meet you all.
> Albert Lamb
> Avrich, P. (1980) The Modern School Movement  Anarchism and Education in
> the United States, Princeton, New Jersey, Princeton University Press, USA.
> Baker, J. (1964) Children in Chancery, Hutchinson, London.
> Bell, R. and Grand, N. (1974) A Mythology of British Education, Panther
> Books Ltd., St. Albans, Herts.
> Bowles, S. and Gitnis, H. (1976) Schooling in Capitalist America, Routledge
> and Kegan Paul, London and Henley.

<long list of books>

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