Re: youth & adult education

A.R. Gouin (
Wed, 06 Aug 1997 21:03:29

At 20:22 97-08-01 -0700, Dale R. Reed wrote:
>A.R. Gouin wrote:
>> My suggestion here would be : If the two need to be mixed, put the kids in
>> charge.

You conclude your reply with :

>It is not so simple. Dale

You're quite right of course. There is a monstrous mountain of distrust
that must first be overcome. I am reminded of a quote that I often used in
my old FidoNet days that went :

> "The soul and spirit that animates and keeps up society is
> mutual trust." Robert South.

Boy, have we got a long way to go ...

Your reply began with :

>Well I am game. So how can we do it in Cyberspace? How do we do more
>than what is already on-line at the "Ask an Engineer," or "Ask a
>Scientist" sites? I have dipped my toe in a couple of experiments like
>this and nothing ever came of them. What would we talk about? And do
>the parents really want their children corresponding with "strange" old
>men in cyberspace?

I guess so long as we continue with : ASK an engineer / a scientist /
etc... and while not implying : Let me (an engineer / a scientist / etc
...) tell you ... we might reach some someday. Some time away back, I
wondered if any "kids" of SVS might be interested in telling us about their
school. Scott Gray came back with something like : The kids are much too
busy with doing their own thing to enter into such (an apparently useless)
discourse. I didn't insist, but felt sorry for the kids, not to be offered
the opportunity, at least.

How can we do it in cyberspace? you ask. Probably by waiting for the kids
to want IT. That`ll happen when they sense IT as an opportunity, as more
and more are discovering, I intuit.