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Jerry sent this notice just to me but I think it would be of interest to
all of you. His book of "Educational Choices" is a dandy that I have
used many times in the past to help answer people's questions both in
and out of cyberspace. And it is very interesting reading about all the
different educational points of views presented in the first thirty
pages or so. Dale

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>Some of us have most certainly "turned each others stomachs" a few times in the past but we have survived and are better for the interaction. Jerry Mintz certainly demonstrates that he agrees by publishing "The Almanac of Educational Choices, Private and Public Learning Alternatives and Homeschooling."

Since you mentioned the Almanac, I think I'll extend an offer I have made to some of the readers of AERO-GRAMME and listeners to my radio show to get copies of it for a 25% discount from the $20 price. I bought up 750 copies of the Almanac from Macmillan, so we can now afford to do this for certain groups.

I haven't decided whether we'll do another version, since doing this one was so stressful that it cost me two angioplasties.

If people are interested in getting the Almanac they can order by credit card at 800 769-4171 or send to AERO, 417 Roslyn Rd, Roslyn Hts, NY 11577, but they must mention the offer on this list-serve.

Jerry Mintz AERO HTTP://www.speakeasy.org/~aero