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Dale R. Reed (
Mon, 04 Aug 1997 21:34:30 -0700 wrote:
> Would someone give me a synopsis of Kozol's books. I've seen him on TV and
> his demeanor and politics -- how shall I say this gently -- turn my stomach.
> Wondering if his books are good for "The Book List" but since I haven't read
> them, for obvious reasons, I can't say. Glad to see all John Holt's books.
> What about James Herndon's and George Dennison?

I just added Herdon's name but you have to supply a book name and date.
Dennison was already represented by "The Lives of Children." If there
is another one that you want to suggestion that is fine.

But to be clear to all of you about the "Wondering if his books are good
for "The Book List" comment. On "Dale's" Book List if any of you want a
book on the list it goes on the list. And neither I nor anyone else,
unless you are a mighty clever hacker, can remove it.

Except by accident. I am kinda spastic so if any of you see something
missing that was not there before just holler.

I remind you all that this list is being formed by members of three
different Discussion Lists that would not be expected to agree on some
issues. But a little cross pollination will not hurt any of us. Some of
us have most certainly "turned each others stomachs" a few times in the
past but we have survived and are better for the interaction. Jerry
Mintz certainly demonstrates that he agrees by publishing "The Almanac
of Educational Choices, Private and Public Learning Alternatives and

I think this is what Scott was getting at also when he said:

<snip> The idea _must_ be judged on its own merit, rather than upon
the identity of the person making the argument. <snip>

Amen Scott.

And this is only a list of books. No one has to read any of the books.
You can even cut and paste to the list before you send it on. Dale

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