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Dale R. Reed (
Sun, 03 Aug 1997 06:34:24 -0700


Good morning everyone out in There-Has-to-be-a-Better-Way land.

Here is what I have so far. My intention was to list everything that
was submitted to me and to add some of my own. Obviously there is no
particular order. I "stole" all of Greg's books from and expect he many want to add to his list with
some of these.

The individual entries are not complete, there are probably errors and I
intend to keep working on the list, with your help, as long as I am
interested in the subject. I am a long time member of the ACLU and am
ANTI-censorship so any books you think should be on this list then send
them to me and they will be added, no questions asked.

No doubt there could be some ordering into different classifications.
Such as those in print and those not. Be my guest to do whatever you
want to for yourselves, or post your info to one or all of the lists

I am almost looking forward to a dark rainy winter in Seattle by the
fire burning in the wood insert in my rocking chair reading some books
that I had not even heard of before.

Anyone can get the latest list from me at anytime and once in awhile I
will send it out to all of you.

By the way there is one brand new book I think we are all waiting
expectantly for that should be published soon and when it is I will tell
you all. "Empty Child" by John Gatto.

Hey if anyone doesn't like what I am doing or how I am doing it just
tell me. Even the title of the list. I am not very sensitive about
such things. The three Discussion Lists that contributed to this book
list include people with very very different opinions about almost all
earthly and heavenly issues. Isn't Cyberspace interesting? Dale


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