Re: youth & adult education

Dale R. Reed (
Fri, 01 Aug 1997 20:22:56 -0700

A.R. Gouin wrote:
> My suggestion here would be : If the two need to be mixed, put the kids in
> charge.

Well I am game. So how can we do it in Cyberspace? How do we do more
than what is already on-line at the "Ask an Engineer," or "Ask a
Scientist" sites? I have dipped my toe in a couple of experiments like
this and nothing ever came of them. What would we talk about? And do
the parents really want their children corresponding with "strange" old
men in cyberspace?

You know I used to run many five every day. Now I don't run so far and
a lot slower. But anyway boys and especially girls would sometimes run
a lap or two with me. Boys mostly rode along on their bicycles. And
some of them called me Dale and some of them called me Pooh.

But at one of the annual meetings of the Washington State ACLU there
were law enforcement people explaining what happens to some men that are
too friendly with some girls. A simple complaint would get a fellow
like me in big trouble with lots of really weird testing while looking
at suggestive photos and...

So as I ran around the neighborhood after that ACLU meeting with the
girls, that called me Dale or Pooh while I called them Lisa or Rebecca
or..., ran with me I kept thinking, what if one of them has a bad dream
one night, or is looking for attention, or on a dare, or gets in trouble
with someone else but thinks an out would be to... and makes a
complaint about Dale to her Mom and Mom calls the police and...

Or something happens to a little girl out their in cyberland and a
search of the e-mail traffic on her hard disc shows some correspondence
with Dale or Pooh at

It is not so simple. Dale

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