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Robin Martin (roses9@IDT.NET)
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>And do not neglect cyberspace. This 62 year old joined the rich the
>learning environment of cyberspace less than two years ago. Its just
>wonderful and provides the opportunity for all different world cultures,
>ages... to learn from each other.


Oh, yes, indeed! I too am very excited about the Internet community and advancing technology. In the 6+ months that I was off this list, I created an extensive home page (which has instigated many people to begin exchanging ideas with me!), an educational directory called "Educational Resources Online" and a mailing list with some 500 subscribers world-wide about sharing with each other questions & ideas about learning how to learn on the Internet.

It's soo exciting to explore what's being created, and even more exciting to envision what-could-be. I've been pondering ways to use principles of democratic schooling and critical reflection to create learning-in-action virtual communities of learners. Do any of you know of web sites that go beyond the simple exchange or distribution of information to creating really innovative places for people to engage in reflective dialog and creative action? (I've found a few exceptional web-sites that move in the direction of really empowering people...if anyone is intersted, I could draw up a list and post them.)

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