Re: youth & adult education

Dale R. Reed (
Fri, 01 Aug 1997 07:04:50 -0700

Robin Martin wrote:
> I'm still in the studies/ponderings stage of my life, but over the next couple of years, I intend to hook up with like-minded folks in my community, and am confident that the ideas/exchanges shared on this mailing list will have a great impact on whatever sort of folk/democratic school or community center that I might get involved with.

And do not neglect cyberspace. This 62 year old joined the rich the
learning environment of cyberspace less than two years ago. Its just
wonderful and provides the opportunity for all different world cultures,
ages... to learn from each other.

For instance I am preparing to run for School Board again using many
new(to me)ideas that Mimsy and the Greenbergs's and Alan and Scott
and... of this list so generously gave me. Also the list is helping me write my campaign
literature. I think I am the oldest on most lists and the youngest
participating members are generally in college but there is no technical
reason that the youngest could not be "seven" and the oldest "ninety."

And now the cyber-community extends all over the world. I just caused
an interchange between two college students. The fellow from Michigan
was getting all hot to take a tour to Russia to meet some of those
lonely Russian lovelies that we have all read about. But the Russian
fellow I introduced him to has cooled his ardor considerably. A very
useful learning experience I assure you.

And the technology will only get better. Soon there will be cameras on
the tops of all of our monitors so we can see each other, then... Dale

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