Re: Re: youth & adult education

Thu, 31 Jul 97 10:57 CDT

Hi all! -Kirsten here. It has been several months since I have
contributed to the list. My severly broken ankle is healing well, and I
am back at work. I am very interested in fleshing out the topic of adult
learning in a democratically governed free-school setting. I am most
curious about the obsticules. I think it is true that many adults don't
remember what open-ended learning is, but what about retired people? In
some sense they are forced to discover after 62 years absense what it
means to be on your own schedule---if they have planned their retirement
right, if they have the money. In the midst of young people firmly
rooted in their freedom I think the so inclined retiree could catch on
quickly, but the real issue for me is the 19-65 year old group. How
could they possibly make room to attend a Sudbury/Free School type
setting when most of their energy has to go toward economic survival?
Would it be useful to have evening & weekend hours for their benefit,
would they come? What would happen to the judical process if attendence
were extended to such extreme hours? What resources would need to be
available for adults that you wouldn't have around for ages 4-19? What
mechanisms would need to be in place to deal with overly intursive
adults on an institutional level? Interesting topic. -Kirsten