Re: youth & adult education
Tue, 29 Jul 1997 19:41:56 -0400 (EDT)

A small (perhaps even related) contribution to this thread: I did my
Master's thesis as an anecdotal look at kids I had taught in multigraded
elementary school settings. I asked them (and their parents) , 6-8 years
later, how they thought being in a multi-aged setting (second through sixth
grades together) had had an impact on their relationships with others who
were older than they. They were fairly unanimous in seeing themselves as
being better able to relate (and doing more relating) to older people and
attributed at least some of this to being in a multi-aged school setting. I
guess the moral of the story is that you may not have to actually have young
people and adults side by side in the learning environment in order to get
some of the benefits for the kids in the long run. (Now, getting the
benefits for the adults is a different story!)