Re: youth & adult education

Bill Borchardt (
Wed, 16 Jan 1980 18:14:04 -0600

> Are there schools like Sudbury that also include adult education/social action programs, resembling Highlander's?
> Just curious, as I've been studying adult education and wondering if there are ways to combine youth & adult education that empower people
through principles o...

Hello Robin,
What you are asking about, it seems to me, is HOME SCHOOLING.
Those of my friends who are home schooling their children are finding
that they have not only empowered their children to be independent
learners and thinkers, but have also found the power of learning for
In the seventies and eighties, I was successful at getting my
middle school aged learners into the community of adult learners and
workers. With the exception of students who audited college courses,
these ventures were short term. It showed clearly that young people can
benefit by learning among adults. However, little has been done to
truly bridge the gap of separating learners by age.
I am willing to share more of what my students did, if you are
interested. I am interested in knowing if you find out about any place
that has dropped the age barrier and is open for learning to all ages.

Bill Borchardt