Re: Praise

Judith Lilly (
Fri, 4 Jul 1997 11:20:09 -0500

>Dale and Judith.
>I read Alfie's book a few years ago, and got other teachers and my school
>Head interested enough in it that Alfie was invited to be our opening day
>speaker (3 years ago I believe). He opened a few eyes, but most of our
>teachers just dug into their entrenched positions a little harder and deeper.
> We still have a "Prize Day", and it's really awful, but there have been
>attempts to do away with it, and it has been scaled down some.
>Since then I've found a book that I believe does a better job of getting into
>the factors involved in intrinsic motivation. It's "Why We Do What We Do" by
>Edward L. Deci. The only factor he misses IMO is the human need for
>intellectual play, and I believe that he at least implies this.

Hello Bob,
Deci's "Why" book is on my "next purchase list". I was wondering if it was
a good follow. Thanks for your input.
P.S. didn't realize this came through the DSM.