Re: Praise
Fri, 4 Jul 1997 10:45:57 -0400 (EDT)

Greetings Dale.
This is Judith. Life has taken on many new aspects in the last 5 months.
Glad to see you found Alfie's book especially since I said it was by John
Holt and wasn't sure if I had ever corrected that mistake. It seems to me
to a book that pumps in new blood for thinking. sounds like you are
enjoying it.

I am glad you kept my email address as I had to come off the discussion list
due to using the address for business as well as home. It is nice to hear
you are still out there feeding topics.

Now, what do you know about Challenge Education Associates and/or Phi Delta
Kappan or a Maurice Gibbons? Dr. Gibbons has written numerous publications
including a book entitled "The Walkabout Papers" (challenging students to
challenge themselves). A meaty publication.

Dale and Judith.

I read Alfie's book a few years ago, and got other teachers and my school
Head interested enough in it that Alfie was invited to be our opening day
speaker (3 years ago I believe). He opened a few eyes, but most of our
teachers just dug into their entrenched positions a little harder and deeper.
We still have a "Prize Day", and it's really awful, but there have been
attempts to do away with it, and it has been scaled down some.

Since then I've found a book that I believe does a better job of getting into
the factors involved in intrinsic motivation. It's "Why We Do What We Do" by
Edward L. Deci. The only factor he misses IMO is the human need for
intellectual play, and I believe that he at least implies this.