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Mon, 12 May 1997 13:11:46 -0400 (EDT)

I believe it was who once said:
> As far as values and ethics, I don't worry much about that. My children
> already show their empathy and caring for the world and all its
> inhabitants. They see their parents show respect and somehow its now
> their way of life.
> Isn't it wonderful how perfect the development process is when left
> alone...

Indeed! One of my favorite analogies for demonstrating the absurdity of
the prevailing paradigm:

All one year olds will now be required to enroll into mandatory walking
classes (whether or not they can already walk). This full schoolyear
class will start with a review of crawling skills (whether they crawl,
scoot, or walk) and advance though pre-walking and finally, walking.
Traditional teaching techniques will be applied throughout, though some
time may be used (at the teacher's discretion) to allow students to
apply the walking skills they have learned from books and lectures
within the classroom environment. Regular reviews will be given to
assess the student's performance in regards to established norms. Those
students falling behind (or ahead) in developing their walking skills
will be removed from walking class (to prevent disruption) and turned
over to the care of the "special walking" class.

At this time, we are still reviewing the possible addition of a
talking class to the toddler curriculum. A Toddler Speech
Development Assessment Review Committee composed of 14 academic
experts has just been commissioned and is expected to render a
final decision within the year.

Some people have far too much at stake doing things in really stupid ways.
Hence, the educational system as we know and hate it. ;-)


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