Re: Education Issues
Mon, 12 May 1997 11:13:57 -0400 (EDT)

Bob Wrote:

Possibly you mean something different by the word "instill" than I do. If
not, it's my understanding (from reading rather than experience) that
instilling one's values in children is not part of the Sudbury approach.
It's also not my approach as a homeschooling (really unschooling) parent.
You seem to have very definite and strong beliefs about what is right and
what is wrong. Certainly your children will be aware of these since you
probably their most significant role model, and they may end up having
similar beliefs as a result of being around you, but I can't help but hope
that you don't *require* them to believe as you do. It's my belief that
development process in children is smarter than I am, and that the best I
do for my children is to model what I believe to be good values and an
interest in learning while listening to them to find out when they want my
help in their growth processes and when they don't.

I apologize if my definition was unclear. I do not require my children to
have the same beliefs. As I have very different beliefs from my parents
and siblings. I would only hope that their beliefs are theirs to form on
their own. Without the influence of a "role model" saying you must
beleive what the textbooks tell you.
I would only hope that they seek out their own truth with an appetite.
And I will be there to help them look in places they may not have thought
about, if they need.
As far as values and ethics, I don't worry much about that. My children
already show their empathy and caring for the world and all its
inhabitants. They see their parents show respect and somehow its now
their way of life.
Isn't it wonderful how perfect the development process is when left