Re: Education Issues
Sat, 10 May 1997 13:03:03 -0400 (EDT)

"It is my deep-rooted belief that NOTHING about public or private
education will change without a change in the parents that instill THEIR
beliefs in the children they send to such institutions.

It was my intention to homeschool our child(ren) until I was fortunate
enough to come across an article in Mothering magazine that led me to
Sudbury. Now it is my hope to move to or near Framingham in the next few
But these decisions did not come from parents that believe or live by the
so called "norm" of bringing up a child. You know, the one that most
parenting books are based on.
These decisions are cultivated from a life-style that will be the "norm"
in the future.
For instance, twenty years ago buying organic food was extremely limited,
mostly just vegetables. Now we can purchase organic meat, dairy,
groceries, clothes, blankets and a slew of other products in almost any
Our family bed was considered taboo until a few pioneer "experts" began
to speak of the importance. Although the mainstream is still Dr. Ferber's
child abuse method of letting your child cry it out.
And the vaccinations issue is finally an issue. The deaths from such
cruelty is slowing reaching alternative magazines and hopefully will
become as popular as organic food did."

Possibly you mean something different by the word "instill" than I do. If
not, it's my understanding (from reading rather than experience) that
instilling one's values in children is not part of the Sudbury approach.
It's also not my approach as a homeschooling (really unschooling) parent.
You seem to have very definite and strong beliefs about what is right and
what is wrong. Certainly your children will be aware of these since you are
probably their most significant role model, and they may end up having
similar beliefs as a result of being around you, but I can't help but hope
that you don't *require* them to believe as you do. It's my belief that the
development process in children is smarter than I am, and that the best I can
do for my children is to model what I believe to be good values and an
interest in learning while listening to them to find out when they want my
help in their growth processes and when they don't.