Re: the right to pursue excellence (OBE)

Deborah (
Fri, 09 May 1997 09:50:19 -0700

Alan wrote:
> even more confused about why the right-wing (Phyllis Schlafly, et al) hate it
> so much! My understanding, from Bill Bennett to the guy (Hirsch?) who wrote
> that series of books of what "Every First Grader, Second Grader, etc. Should
> Know, is that the right-wing would be all for having such standards. Just
> not set by the federal government - THEY want to be the ones to set the
> standards!

My understanding of why conservatives object to OBE is because it lowers
standards. The self-esteem of the under-achiever is of highest concern.
It removes all incentives for acheivement. The educational 'process' is
everything. Facts and 'right' answers are secondary. I believe that it is
the SOCIAL AGENDA behind OBE that has 'them' most concerned. 'Equality'
has surpassed 'quality' as the number-one goal. Because someone has done
better on a test, there must be discrimination. Teaching 'new basics'
doesn't mean reading, writing, and arthimetic, it means new 'attitudes'.

IMO they're ALL missing the boat. However, it would seem to me that many
might find this a step in the right direction.