Education Issues
Fri, 9 May 1997 12:29:56 -0400 (EDT)

As a newsgroup subscriber for about a month now, I have had the
opportunity to read the logic, frustration, care and a host of other
emotions in the keystrokes of this ongoing debate of education, and the
subjects that the conversation spurred such as government, media and such.

It is my deep-rooted belief that NOTHING about public or private
education will change without a change in the parents that instill THEIR
beliefs in the children they send to such institutions.

It was my intention to homeschool our child(ren) until I was fortunate
enough to come across an article in Mothering magazine that led me to
Sudbury. Now it is my hope to move to or near Framingham in the next few
But these decisions did not come from parents that believe or live by the
so called "norm" of bringing up a child. You know, the one that most
parenting books are based on.
These decisions are cultivated from a life-style that will be the "norm"
in the future.
For instance, twenty years ago buying organic food was extremely limited,
mostly just vegetables. Now we can purchase organic meat, dairy,
groceries, clothes, blankets and a slew of other products in almost any
Our family bed was considered taboo until a few pioneer "experts" began
to speak of the importance. Although the mainstream is still Dr. Ferber's
child abuse method of letting your child cry it out.
And the vaccinations issue is finally an issue. The deaths from such
cruelty is slowing reaching alternative magazines and hopefully will
become as popular as organic food did.

So the point is that change can only occur from the ground up. And if a
child is brought up by having someone clap for them at their every move,
then such a trained seal will not do well in any school where they will
expect a reward for everything they do. Their spirit would be at risk. It
was at risk the moment their parents instilled their beliefs.

If their bodies are poisoned with chemicals everyday (yes, the suburbs
have more than their share of them, not just the inner cities) then their
brains will not function in ANY school environment.

And if they are insecure or withdrawn from their cries for help being
ignored when they most needed someone, in the middle of the night, then
they will muddle through life without empathy and self-assurance no
matter what school they attend.

So maybe we should ALL stop and look at where the band-aid really needs
to go...

Beleive it or not the same goes for other subjects such as government.
When everyone realizes that the real issues are from the ground up, then
media control and wasted govenment money will all fall into place. When
the every person on the street realizes that our money is printed by a
PRIVATE corporation, the Federal Reserve, and not congress as set forth
in the constitution, then that will be the abolishment of the national
debt. And when every person realizes that our taxes go to a PRIVATE
corporation, the IRS, then that will be the abolishment of FEDERAL taxes.
And when everyone realizes that 99.5% of the people in this country, and
their unborn children, are owned by the federal government as we know it
today (vial social security number) then things will change. And the
control will then go back to a community level as originally intended by
our forefathers. THEN, and only then, can education be brought to the
level it needs to be.

Until then, we all can stay enlightened so our children can too.


"A man is as miserable as he thinks he is"