Re: the right to pursue excellence (Off-topic rant)

Charlie Wilkinson (
Thu, 8 May 1997 15:44:45 -0400 (EDT)

I believe it was stiobhard who once said:
> ---Charlie Wilkinson <> wrote:
> > Just in case it wasn't obvious, "Citizens for Tax Justice" is a
> > right-wing propaganda front - at least by my definition. Their
> sense of
> > priorities troubles me greatly.
> this may well be true, however there are two sides to this issue.what
> i have to point out is that opposition to taxes and big government
> isnt just a corporate plot. the war resisters league have been
> organising tax resistance for many years and are neither a right wing
> nor a corporate front.

Yeah, I used to go out and talk to them when they demoed in front of our
building on April 15th. (Am I giving too much away? ;-) Nice bunch of
folks, good cause.

> on the education front, you might also be interested in their
> youthpeace program that i just received a mailing about. Neat! :-)

> similarly i have to say that anti-government oppostion is hardly the
> mouthpiece of the corporations. there is a long libertarian tradition
> in this country as well as internationally. enough so that im not so
> easily convinced that governments are working for our best interests.

I wasn't saying they are operating in our best interests, only that
they are our best hope for representing our interests - certainly
a better prospect than Union Carbide and their ilk.

> "whosoever lays a hand on me is a usurper and a tyrant. i declare them
> to be my enemy. what is government? it is slavery."
> --proudhon

Next time a cop wants to give me a ticket, I'll lay that on 'im.
Well... I'll be _thinking_ it while I say "Yes sir, have a nice day
sir." ;-)


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