Re: the right to pursue excellence (Off-topic rant)

Charlie Wilkinson (
Thu, 8 May 1997 12:14:09 -0400 (EDT)

I believe it was Deborah who once said:
> It's the 'feel good' politics that 'We The People' cannot AFFORD that
> is the problem.
> Let's go after the real bad guys, the corporate crooks. The honest small
> guy is suffering because of all the rules. Most of us play by the book.

Amen to that, Deborah! Amen to that!

Our biggest problem now is that not only are these corporate interests
lobbying heavily and subsidizing our congresscritters' re-elections,
they are actually in the halls of congress now helping _draft_ a lot of
"Feel Good" or otherwise questionable legislation.

The fact that some of those corporate-owned "congressional aides"
represent the major media and their agenda makes matters even worse.

Case in point: How much "in depth" reporting did you see on the
Telecommunications Act before it passed silently in the night? My point
being that it is impossible to have an informed citizenry using
democratic principles to best shape our society and our future armed
only with the tabloid sensationalism that currently passes for "news."
And it won't get any better until we can wrest at least a small fraction
of market share from the stranglehold of the corporate media.
(Including PBS and NPR.)

We need more kids hailing from democratic schools, and more folks in
general, who find the lack of proper representation (both in government,
and media's treatment of reality) appalling enough to organize and push
for substantive, non-partisan change.

There. I said "democratic schools." Back on topic! ;-)


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