Re: the right to pursue excellence (Off-topic rant)

Deborah (
Wed, 07 May 1997 15:28:03 -0700

In the spirit of partisan debate, that I believe to be healthy,
I can't resist even tho I realize this probably isn't the place...

> right-wing propaganda front - at least by my definition.

what? in contrast to leftist fear-mongering? I object!

> while a bloated
> military-industrial complex with it's $1200 toilet seats bears no
> mention at all. (Unless I missed that page?)

Let us fix _that_ problem. It is just a symptom of a government way
out of control!

> Then they talk of "costly government regulation", as if somehow,
> limiting a corporation from doing anything they damn well please (which
> is all-too nearly the case now) is inherently a bad thing. I would ask,
> what is the cost of _no_ regulation?

Incremental loss of freedom is dangerous. With across the board
regulation to control the bad deeds of the few, we are distroying
small business. Perhaps contibuting even more to the power of big

> We are stripping away FCC regulations intended to ensure at least a
> minimal diversity of opinion in the media.

If current regulation is supposed to be ensuring minimal diversity
of opinion, then it is not working. The major networks are carbon
copies of each other and they're losing ground fast because of it.

> business of making the world a better place if those gosh-darned, pesky
> civil servants didn't keep getting in the way.
It's the 'feel good' politics that 'We The People' cannot AFFORD that
is the problem.

Let's go after the real bad guys, the corporate crooks. The honest small
guy is suffering because of all the rules. Most of us play by the book.

Just my opinion, and having fun! Rant on! --Deborah