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Andrew Smallman (
Mon, 5 May 1997 14:37:30 -0700 (PDT)


Just a quick note here to let everyone on these 3 lists know that we are
re-structuring our staffing at PSCS and have 3 job openings for the 97/98
school year. Below, I provide a little information about the positions
and would like to encourage anyone interested to get in touch with me
privately for more detail.

#1 -- Tutorial Program Coordinator: Full-time, 11 months, August 1st -
June 30th. Position includes medical & dental benefits and 5% of salary
retirement benefit. Because of our school structure within Washington
state, the position requires a valid Washington state teaching
certificate (I can explain this further if anyone is interested). The
basic responsibilities of this position are to help find suitable
community sites in which we conduct our tutorial program, provide
tutorial opportunities for PSCS students, help recruit & supervise
volunteers in the tutorial program, etc. The person who fills this
position has a very active role working with youth. For more information
about our tutorial program, please visit:

#2 -- Apprenticeship Program Coordinator: Part-time, school year
(September-June). No benefits. This person works to match PSCS students
in apprenticeship/internship situations within the community with
volunteer mentors. For more information about our apprenticeship program,
please visit:

#3 -- Field Trip Program Coordinator: Part-time, school year
(September-June). No benefits. This person supervises and administers
our weekly field trip program.

I know my descriptions here raise more questions than they answer.
For general information about these specific PSCS programs, please
visit: And please e-mail me
privately for more application information, including complete job
descriptions and projected salaries. Also, FYI, we are hoping that the #2
& #3 positions can be filled by the same person.

Application deadline is May 31st. We hope to make a decision on these
positions by June 30th.

For more information about PSCS, please visit our web site at, or feel free to e-mail me with any of your questions.

Kind regards,


Andrew Smallman, Director
Puget Sound Community School - -