Sick Children or Sick System?

Dale R. Reed (
Sun, 04 May 1997 07:03:41 -0700

Find yourself a copy of the Friday(5-2-97) Wall Street Journal, page A1
Column 1, the lead article of the day, on:

Male Order
Boys Used to Be Boys
But Do Some Now See Boyhood as a Malady?
Marty Wolt, a Quirky Kid, Resisted "Sick Tag" Yet Pressure to Label is
The Gender-Equity Factor

and then unto A6 where the article continues:

Issue: Has Boyhood Become a Disease?

Encouraging girls to more like boys hasn't been too fruitful so...
Fortunately for Marty his Mom possessed the knowledge, love,... belief
in her boy and then exercised the necessary courage to take on the
system for her son. Like Marty's Mom said, "They never crushed him."
or I would add, they did not crush her either.

Powerful story about a couple heroes, a young man and his Mother. Be
sure and read it. Dale

Seattle Washington U.S.A.