Re: the right to pursue excellence

Dale R. Reed (
Sat, 03 May 1997 22:26:46 -0700

Mimsy wrote:
> Dale, maybe it is better to live in New England than the Pacific Northwest --
> never do we have to keep working into the spring to pay our taxes; spring is
> way too slow to come!

You might be paying more taxes then you think Mimsy.

If you can surf try this URL out:
I will never forget taking the boys and their mommy on a tour of Rainier
Brewery here in Seattle a few years ago and seeing the tax meters
running. Then more taxes were charged you when you bought the beer at
the grocery store. There are taxes on taxes on taxes in the U.S. so it
is becoming very difficult to keep track.

In fact wasn't there a tea party over taxes in your state a couple
hundred years ago? As I remember there was a Revolution that began soon
after. Probably just a coincidence though. Dale

Seattle Washington U.S.A.