Re: the right to pursue excellence

Dale R. Reed (
Sat, 03 May 1997 21:39:50 -0700 wrote:
At military schools things are very clear: you do what you
> are told. No one expects you to like it, any more than they expect you to
> question it. That allows your mind, heart and soul freedom; you don't have
> to waste time wondering why you don't love the nice school you go to if it is
> military school; just do it! <snip>

Will maybe.

One of my brothers(Dean) and I went to a year of military school in
Colorado just west of Denver. Uniforms and guns and marching and rank
and discipline,... the whole nine yards. A few of us were day boys but
most of the "inmates" had been "sentenced" by their parents to live nine
months of each year at the boarding school. A very unhappy situation
that resulted in lots of hazing, fist fights, women teachers being
attacked by the larger boys,... generally a very violent atmosphere.

Dean was once enticed up into one of the boys rooms where some of the
older, bigger boys raped him and then poured alcohol on his bleeding
rear end. Guess they did not want him to die of infection or then again
maybe they just wanted him to hurt even more. Dale

Seattle Washington U.S.A.