Re: the right to pursue excellence

Deborah Bartle (
Fri, 02 May 1997 13:04:05 -0700

Charles wrote:
> There are lots of good models for progressive public schooling.

Lots??? Unfortunately, there are none in my community. We do have the
standard private alternatives but, there are none that I would send my
kids to. They are structured 'learning' environments where children are
expected to learn facts and are subject to evaluation. I have heard of no
public schooling ideas that leave the business of learning to the learner.
The attempts made by community parents to charter new programs in our
community have been repeatedly refused by the district. Even if they do
(charters) eventually become a reality, the pressure on teachers, parents,
and students will be heavy. IMO, vouchers and charters have served only as
distractions when the heat is on.

> I kind of like the `library' one myself. I wonder what we could achieve
> with that. If we put enough public money into it, I mean.

Kids love the Sudbury model! Let's do that! Let's make kids happy!
Just playing... Don't you like the Sudbury model?