Re: the right to purse excellence

Dale R. Reed (
Fri, 02 May 1997 05:31:44 -0700

Charles wrote:
> There is much to be said against compulsory schooling in its present form.
> But in every nation where it has been introduced, it has dramatically
> enhanced the literacy rate.

Charles, I would be interested in the source of your information on this
statement as applied to the U.S.

When this country was being formed, long before there were compulsory
attendance laws, the founding fathers were writing down ideas that I do
not believe that the present students can read. The pamphlets and books
sold extremely well and obviously the voters that established this
country understood the messages.

Maybe they present students can read all the individual words but I do
not believe they can understand and appreciate what the founding fathers
were talking about. I know you don't Charles. And I have read that
present polling indicates that if the Bill of Rights were put to the
vote today they would be voted down.

Anyway, rates are given in numbers, and I repeat where on the web, or
otherwise, can I find these numbers that you allude to Charles?

Seattle Washington U.S.A.